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How do I search your catalogue?

Use the pull-down menu at the top of the picture frame moulding catalogue page to select the type of search you would like to perform, then hit the Search button.

"I would like to view... Screenshot - Wholesale art frame catalog search
In what format should my dimensions be entered?

For a 16 1/2" by 20 1/4" frame, you could enter the values as fractions

art frame dimensions fractional screenshot

or in a decimal format.
art frame dimensions decimal screenshot

Note: Values for your custom picture frame must be entered in increments of halves, quarters, eighths, or sixteenths.

The dimensions that you enter should be the size of the artwork. The frame will be cut with a standard 1/8 inch allowance; this provides just enough room for the artwork to fit snugly.

What exactly are the width, rabbet, and height?
art frame rabbet, width, and height diagram

Note: Mouldings may vary from each batch, so the values are approximate.

How do I order a frame from your website?

Once you are finished adding frames to your shopping cart, select your preferred shipping method, enter your zip code, and click on the "Calculate Shipping" link. Order art frame screenshot

Note: You can change the quantity of individual frames by changing the value and hitting the "Update" link. You can also remove an item by clicking the "Remove" link.

After calculating shipping charges, you will see a Google Checkout button. Clicking this will send your order to Google for a secure checkout process.

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What will I receive with my order?

Each order comes with thumbnails for frame assembly. Screw eyes, wire, wall hangers, and bump-ons will also be included for hanging your framed picture.

Will I be charged tax on my order?

Orders shipped within the state of Georgia will be charged the current rate of 6% sales tax. This will be calculated by Google Checkout.